Counselling philosophy





Only healthy animals can convert their genetic potentials into high yields.
REKASAN® quality products and feeding concepts ensure a species-appropriate, performance-related and specific nutrition as a decisive precondition for livestock health.







A high fertility is the basis of efficiency in animal production. Only fertile animals safeguard the long-term yielding capacity of your livestock.
REKASAN® quality products and feeding counselling ensure the highest reproduction performance of your animals.






Useful economic life

The long-term use of healthy, fertile high-performance animals is an essential prerequisite of successful animal production.
REKASAN® quality products and feeding strategies ensure long-term high yields and minimise animal raising and input costs.






Highest yields are the basis of economic success.
REKASAN® quality products and feeding programs increase consumption and ensure high nutrient densities of fodders. Concentration on livestock performance guarantees success. We provide the necessary know-how.