The Company


provides complex feeding systems for high-performance animals.
A whole is made up of the sum of its individual factors.
We have defined objectives and developed successful products.
Thinking along new lines was our starting point.
Better successes.
With -quality products. 



 REKASAN® stands for concentration on
 livestock performance.



REKASAN® GmbH Kaulsdorf/Thüringen is a supplier of quality products and makes an essential contribution to the optimal feed-in and health preservation of livestocks. Due to the application of the latest findings and long-standing practical experience we meet the high requirements to animal nutrition and keeping.

The optimisation of REKASAN® products and feeding programs is our permanent concern for the successful cooperation with our partners in agricultural enterprises. With a comprehensive range of services, such as nutrient and mineral nutrient analyses of feedstuffs, scientifically founded and independent specialist counselling, interpretation of metabolic results, ration optimisation, and many more, we are supporting the optimal nutrition and health preservation of your livestock.


Make use of innovations.

We are able to partner you in all feeding issues.