Successful feeding with REKASAN®.  


Our company, REKASAN® GmbH, has been a producer of mineral fodders and fodder additives since 1971.

A complex production facility was constructed in Kaulsdorf/Thuringia that has been continually extended, modernised and expanded.

The preparation of quality products has always been our main concern. Thus, we make an essential contribution to the optimal tending and health care of animal populations. Application of the latest findings in animal feeding, livestock breeding and keeping forms the permanent basis of the continuous development of REKASAN® GmbH.

The company has developed very positively under free-market conditions after 1990. We are continually focusing our efforts on the optimisation of REKASAN® products and feeding programs for a successful cooperation with our partners in agricultural enterprises.

REKASAN® provides complex feeding systems for high-performance animals which are consistently focusing on the operational success of the users. The close cooperation with farmers is the fundamental basis of the success of the REKASAN® innovations.

The concentration on high efficiency will also be the guideline of our future development.

In order to extend our product range in the areas of all-mash and supplementary feeds we have been very closely collaborating with RWT Kraftfutter und Landhandel GmbH, Wilkau-Haßlau, since 1994 at all levels of product development, production organisation and distribution.

Thus, we are ensuring comprehensively and effectively the development and production of REKASAN®-quality production in a broad range of customised developed and manufactured products.