Customised recipe arrangement


The nutrient demand of productive livestock varies depending on the animal species, direction of use and performance level. But also the keeping conditions, state of health or the achievement of specific product properties in foodstuffs of animal origin may alter the nutrient demand or require special additives.

Livestock is being fed with different farm-specific and bought-in feedstuffs. The nutrient content of those feedstuffs is subject to large natural variations which are due to a large variety of factors.

The demand for several nutrients cannot be fully covered by the fodders available in a given agricultural enterprise. Only when the existing feed-in gap is closed can the genetic performance potential of livestock be fully exploited, while over-supply is an unnecessary burden on feedstuffs costs.

Hence, the purposeful supplementation of nutrient supply is the concern of economically efficient animal production. Standardised recipes are insufficient to satisfy those requirements.

This is why one tenet of the REKASAN® corporate philosophy is the customised arrangement of recipes for the product series REKA-MIN®, REKA-PLUS® and REKA-KRAFT®.

Adjusted to the performance-related nutrient demand of your livestock the recipes of our products can be customised under consideration of the fodders available at your farm, the technical feeding conditions and depending on the requested product properties.

Thus, the supply gaps of your livestock will be overcome in a reasonable manner in terms of nutrition physiology and economically acceptable.

We are also prepared to take into consideration your specific recipe suggestions within the scope of feedstuffs-related laws and regulations.